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Virus/Malware Removal

Unfortunately computer viruses and malware remain a constant threat to computer systems worldwide.  At Monument Computer Repair & Systems we confront them on a daily basis and have become experts not only at eliminating them, but teaching our clients how to prevent them in the future.

On-Site Computer Repair Service

Hard Disk Drive InstallationHas your computer crashed? Is it infected with a virus? Is it slow? Are you experiencing networking or other connectivity related issues? Whether your power supply has failed or your hard drive needs to be replaced, you’re one call away from getting the PC expertise you need. Our friendly, dependable, A+ Certified technicians use specialized software and other tools to identify, target and resolve all varieties of computer problems…and fast! If we can’t solve your PC issues within the first hour, we will take it to our diagnostics bench for the guaranteed result.

Diagnostic Bench Service

Some computer problems can only be solved by bringing your PC to a more controlled diagnostic and repair environment. This means taking your PC to our diagnostics bench. There our technicians will identify the problem and make the appropriate repair be it software or hardware related. Whether it takes an hour or an entire day, Monument Computer Repair & Systems, LLC offers a competitive flat rate for bench work. With our exceptionally fast turnaround you never wait weeks to get your computer back! And our dedication to customer service means that we will loan you a PC to use free of charge while your system is being repaired.

Remote Access

For those of our clients who live in more rural locations outside of our service area with computers still capable of connecting to the internet, Monument Computer Repair & Systems, LLC offers our remote access service. This secure, private, easy to use alternative allow us to resolve many of our clients computer issues without the necessity of being on location, including clean-up and routine maintenance.

New Systems

At Monument Computer Repair & Systems we design, build and install state-of-the-art computer systems based upon the needs of our clients.  Backed by our extended warranty, these systems provide our clients a reasonably priced alternative to the cheap retail offerings most of our clients are relegated to purchasing.

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